Sales with Technical Support

Here at Cosmic Discovery, we fully understand that every customer has a unique set of requirements that can be straightforward and at times highly complex. While we have absolute confidence in the products that we ship out, improper handling or inappropriate use can reduce the performance that they were designed to achieve.

Our sales team is therefore always ready to render technical support where needed. An ongoing technical training program is implemented for our distributors and sales agents throughout Malaysia and beyond, allowing them to better serve and advise clients on the most up-to-date best practices. They share our philosophy on providing strong technical support, so customers can be assured of the swiftest response where technical assistance is concerned.

We go above and beyond merely selling products. Sales come with technical support.

Fully Tailored, Comprehensive Solutions

Where the specialty chemicals in the market do not meet expectations or are incompatible with the processes adopted by customers who are themselves manufacturers of products, we work closely with them to develop a tailored set of chemicals and processes that give error-free production and desired product specifications. With state of the art laboratory facilities, a vibrant team of dedicated R&D personnel and experts with decades of experience in their respective fields, customers can expect to have the best possible solution offerings at the most competitive prices.