A Cosmic Career

At Cosmic Discovery, we are not just chemists, and we do not just make specialty chemicals. We make products and provide technical services that drive other industries to greater heights. We enable technologies. 

We need a diverse group of people with one common trait - a strong passion to succeed in a team. We expect you to do your life's best work here, and therefore offer salary and benefits packages that are among the most competitive in the job market. Please take a look at the job categories below to see where you best fit in.  

Research & Development

Research & Development is a core strength of the company. As the demand for products with better performance, more functionality and higher cost-savings increases at a growing pace, the need for innovation has never been more important. Our R&D team embraces these challenges on a nearly daily basis, coming up with solutions that not only address customer requirements, but sometimes result in paradigm shifts in product application as well. Having excellent working knowledge on the formulation and use of the chemicals we produce, the R&D staff also provide technical assistance to customers who need it. 


  • Masters or higher degree in Chemistry or a related discipline (e.g. Chemical Engineering)
  • Work experience in R&D highly preferred
  • Applicants with expertise in chemical formulation will be favorably considered
  • Proficiency in Mandarin highly encouraged

Quality Control

Given our emphasis on product quality, our QC team plays a tremendous role in ensuring that our customers get consistent, top quality products. Although we implement checks at every stage of the product manufacturing process, errors can occasionally occur. The QC team develops stringent product evaluation processes to not only check that the product specifications are up to standard, but to quickly identify the source(s) of error if one or more specifications are not met. 


  • Bachelors or higher degree in Chemistry or related discipline
  • Work experience is highly preferred
  • Applicants with familiarity/expertise in analytical techniques will be favorably considered 
  • Proficiency in Mandarin highly encouraged


At Cosmic Discovery, our administrative staff support all the vital functions of the company, from finance and accounting services to processing sales orders. They ensure uninterrupted provision of administrative support to all teams within the company, allowing for smooth operation 365 days a year.    


  • A diploma in accounting or related discipline
  • Good proficiency in English
  • Work experience is highly preferred 


We partner our sister company Budget Champ Sdn Bhd to carry out the manufacturing of all our product offerings. The manufacturing plant has the capacity to accommodate more than 40 production staff operating the appropriate machinery for chemical production, moving of storage containers and end-product packaging. Staff of the production team work closely with each other to achieve efficient production output while maintaining a clean and safe working environment.        


  • Minimum SPM qualification 
  • Work experience is highly preferred 

For more information on the positions listed above, or to apply for a job at Cosmic Discovery, please contact us at