Product Pricing and Sales Information

Pricing by Cosmic is market-based. Our R&D and marketing teams work closely together to formulate the most cost effective products without sacrificing quality or performance. This win-win philosophy serves as a key guiding principle in our product formulation.

Cosmic Discovery sells its products directly to end users except in the North, South and East Malaysian regions which are handled by our sales agents. Cosmic Discovery also undertakes projects, providing professional technical advice and assistance where needed. An ongoing technical training program is implemented for all our marketing staff and sales agents, allowing them to better serve and advise clients on the latest developments and best practices. Cosmic Discovery also currently serves customers in Thailand, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Sri Lanka, India and China.

Our Policy on Quality

We are fully committed to ensuring that all products from Cosmic Discovery are of the highest quality and put in place very stringent Quality Control measures to achieve this. We strive for total customer satisfaction.

We adopt and put into practice the concept of Total Quality Control (TQC) and implement the Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) in our factory. Standard Operating Procedures for all processes are well-documented to ensure high reproducibility and minimal batch to batch variation.

In short, we live by the motto "Quality is our Top Priority".