Metal Treatment Division

Cosmic Discovery is a leader in supply of specialty chemicals to metal surface finishing industry, with the key focus in aluminum and ferrous metals. We can provide complete technical solutions from process design to chemicals. Our treatment systems can be tailored to meet industry requirements.

Cosmic Discovery is the main supplier in pretreatment systems for aluminum anodizing process in Malaysia. Our experienced team of experts have comprehensive knowledge to design and commission anodizing lines and provide full range of chemicals. On-site assistance ensures smooth production and cost effectiveness.

Our Phosphating process chemicals offers good corrosion protection and superior paint adhesion for ferrous surfaces. We have a complete range of chemicals that meet the most stringent of industry standards. Our range of Chemical Conversion Coatings are the most advanced with new products developed being REACH and ROHs compliant to answer the industry’s call for safe and clean chemicals.

Food Division

Cleaning and sanitizing remains the most important process in food manufacturing and processing industry. Cosmic Discovery supplies a comprehensive range of cleaning and sanitizing agents to meet the high standards of hygiene expected of our clients in industries like dairy plants, beverage bottling and breweries, meat and marine product processors, canning, bakeries and confectioneries, poultry and veterinary, sauce processing and many more.

Products available include CIP (Cleaning-in-place) cleaners and low-foam cleaners that offer clients an alternative to manual cleaning to reduce production down-time and manpower requirements. A wider range of sanitizers including quaternary ammonium compounds, peraacetic acid, chlorine, phenolic, iodophors and oxidizing types are available to cater the different needs of the food industry.

Our products are certified HALAL by Jabatan Kemajuan Islam Malaysia (JAKIM).

Cosmic Discovery can offer expertise in equipment and process design for use with our range of chemicals. We are also the sole agent for Hygicult and Easicult hygiene monitoring test kits from Orion Diagnostica, Finland. (

Institutional Division

Cosmic Discovery has a full range of cleaning products for the hotels, restaurants, F&B establishments and clubs. Our housekeeping products can clean all types of surfaces in a short time without compromising the surfaces. Kitchen products include stain removers and ware-washing solutions which are supplied at higher concentrations to reduce chemical wastage and storage requirements. Our chemicals can be easily tailored for dispensing and cleaning machines for better chemical management and costs control.

Products for hand washing and hygiene are also available.

Our products are also certified HALAL by Jabatan Kemajuan Islam Malaysia (JAKIM).

Laundry Division

Cosmic Discovery has the expertise to tackle the laundries in hospitals, hotels and institutions, industrial, food and beverage establishments and also commercial laundries. Our strong but safe policy in developing chemical products ensures that our customers achieve the best results without damaging their equipment and linens.

Our chemicals are designed not only for manual processes but can must customized for dispensing systems to achieve consistent results in cleaning. The reduction in manual handling of chemicals and elimination of overdosing ensures a safer and more efficient workplace. We can also provide equipment and customized programs for various types of laundries for better energy and water saving.

Our products are also certified HALAL by Jabatan Kemajuan Islam Malaysia (JAKIM).

Water Treatment Division

Boilers, cooling towers and swimming pools chemical treatment chemicals and programs are available. Cosmic Discovery provides a complete treatment program for scale and corrosion mitigation in boilers. The chemicals used are safe and can be automatically dispensed to improve efficiency and lower costs.

Cooling tower treatment programs places emphasis on scale and corrosion prevention coupled with algae control. Our water treatment programs are fully supported by our laboratory team to provide full water and chemical analysis. Customers can be assured that chemical dosage and performance are at optimum levels.

Rubber Division

Managed by our sister companies, Budget Champ Sdn Bhd and Cosmic Polymer Sdn Bhd, we are the pioneer in polymer coating on rubber gloves in Malaysia. With over 20 years of experience in serving some of the world’s largest glove manufacturers, we are able to meet all the chemical needs of the glove industry.

Proprietary formulations and innovative processes are available to assist our customers in making the most advanced medical, industrial and cleanroom gloves. The increasing demands of the glove industry for safe products fuels our development of powder-free, chlorine-free, accelerator-free, sulfur-free and completely user-friendly and environmentally- friendly range of products.

Please refer to Budget Champ Sdn Bhd (website) for Chemicals for Rubber industry and Cosmic Polymer Sdn Bhd (website) for Technical Solutions for Glove Industry.


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