Working in hand with our sister company Budget Champ Sdn Bhd as the manufacturer, we offer an extensive range of advanced products and application technologies.

The initial growth was fueled by the success in providing comprehensive solutions and superior products to our customers. Further development of products through an extensive Research & Development program saw the company grow steadily over the years to become a market leader in its field. Our customers can expect to stay ahead of their competition by using our innovative products and advanced technologies.

Sales and Technical Support

Our products and services are customer-driven. We fully understand that every customer is unique. Our sales team places high priority on establishing good supplier-client relationships to ensure that customer satisfaction.

Our lab is well-equipped with state of the art facilities and our team of chemists are always working diligently to develop new solutions and meet our customer’s expanding demands. Our team of trained and qualified technical experts are always at hand to provide personalized assistance round the clock to our valued customers to maximize the effectiveness of our products.

Cosmic Discovery has an extensive network of distributors and sales agent who share the same objectives to provide strong support to our customers. With partners working with us throughout Malaysia and also in other regions, customers can be assured of fast delivery and swift response for technical assistance.


Research & Innovation

Cosmic Discovery has an extensive Research & Development program headed by our Managing Director, Dr Chan Kah Khiong. Holding a B.Tech & PhD. from University of Bradford with his vast experience of over 40 years in the industry, the company is growing steadily by developing more products and offering highly competitive prices. 

Our team of scientists and technical specialists invest heavily in time and effort to ensure our customers stay ahead of their competitors by offering innovative products and processes that address the challenges faced  by today’s industry. Products of higher concentrations and better efficiency with the aim to counter issues in human resource and waste management are high on our list of priorities. It is our objective to offer products and know-how to improve the environment people work and live in.


Quality is our Forte

Cosmic Discovery is fully committed to ensuring that all our products meets stringent Quality Control requirements. Our team of trained personnel ensure that all our raw materials meet the specifications before it goes into our products. Our comprehensive Quality Control procedures guarantees customer’s satisfaction on quality.

  • Supply top quality specialty chemicals
  • Supply competitively priced specialty chemicals
  • Impart advanced technologies
  • Constant R&D to improve product range
  • Commitment to developing safe and friendly products

Dr Chan Kah Khiong,
(Managing Director)

Dr Chan Kah Khiong, (Managing Director) received his B. Tech degree in Industrial Chemistry in 1968 and a Ph. D in Structural Chemistry in 1971 from the University of Bradford, UK. Dr. Chan's prolific postgraduate studies led to the publication of eight papers (all accredited to him) in internationally recognized journals such as J. Chem. Soc. Britain, J.Phys. C (Solid State Physics) and Physica Status Solidi. He holds the following professional membership qualifications :-

Chartered Chemist-UK, Member of the Royal Institute of Chemistry-UK, Member of the National Association of Corrosion Engineers-USA, Fellow of the Institute of Production Control- UK, Member of the American Plating society, Member and Past-President of the Singapore Metal Finishing Society and Member of the Industrial Water Society.

He was a lecturer in the University of Malaya from 1971 to 1973, taking charge of B.Sc. honours students. During that time two papers were published in the Malayan Science Journal as a result of his research. He returned to Singapore and worked as Chief Chemist for the Economics Laboratory in 1974 for a year before joining a Multi National Company, eventually rising to the position of Technical Director.

Recently through intensive research, an aqueous polyurethane and polyacrylic polymer dispersion coating on the NR Later gloves has been pushed into the market to bring Malaysian glove industry to a leadership position.